About Us

Who we are

Development Strategists International Consulting or DSI-Consulting is a development strategy, training and operations consulting firm that serves clients
worldwide who require development assistance to catalyze societal and national progress.

As developing countries search for ways to reach to intense developmental pressures in the next decade, DSI-Consulting offer a unique group of dynamic
state-of-the-art expert consultancy and research services to help clients develop high performance capacities and ensure sustainable developments.

We facilitate development of strategies and the execution of systems that reduce process times, reduce cost, stream information flow, speed up up decision making process and maintain a strong management organization structure. Our expert consulting service span both technical and cultural issues. The way we deliver is by integrating six key areas ?strategy, process, structure, staffing and skills, culture and performance rewards systems. We facilitate teams and provide the catalytic action that motivates team members. Clients learn how to sustain the process, gaining ownership required for success.

Why us

DSI-Consulting was established in December 2008 with ADB CMS No. 006023. Currently there are 75 experts in the pool of DSI-Consulting with extensive experiences in Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Central Asia and Pacific countries.

These consultants have been involves in more than 100 projects either contracted as individuals or contracted through a firm for various projects funded by various sources.

Each expert of DSI-Consulting has at least 15 years of international consulting experience for development projects in various regions of the world and at least 10 years experience in the academe or government service. The full time staff and officer of DSI-Consulting have been executives of international consulting firms and have provided consulting and advisory services to multilateral agencies, multinational firms, and local government agencies in the Philippines and Asia-Pacific countries.

What we do and how

DSI-Consulting specializes in

? Education,
? Health,
? Human Resource Management and Development,
? Social Sector Development,
? Environment and Resource Management
? Judicial Reforms