Project Lists

Here are the partial list of projects completed by DSIC and Project Involvement of DSIC Listed Consultants contracted by other firms:




Southeast Asia








Timor Leste


- Overseas Training on Financial Management, Disbursement and Audit of Foreign-Assisted Projects for the Officers of Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project (Royal Government of Cambodia

- Development of Madrasah Alijahs Project (ADB)
- Skills Training Program of Vocational Teachers of Republic of Indonesia (Government of Indonesia)
- Microfinance Sustainable Project. (Ministry of Home Affairs and World Bank)
- Basic Education Project (ADB)
- Export Security Control Project (JICA)
- PPTA Decentralized Senior Secondary Education Project (ADB)

- Sector Study of Education (ADB)
- Impact Evaluation of Community-Based Intervention Project (World Bank)
- Nonghet Alternative Development Project (UNDP/UNOCD)
- Midterm Evaluation Study of the Basic Education Sector Development Programme (ADB)
- Private Sector Education Development Project (ADB)
- Strengthening Higher Education Project (ADB)

- Vocational Education Project (ADB)
- Study of University and Industry Linkage Program (JBIC)
- Second Vocational Education Project (ADB)
- Technical Education Project (ADB)
- Polytechnic Development Project (World Bank)

- Needs Assessment of Border Schooling in Myanmar (UNESCO)
- In-country Workshop on Training and Teaching Methodologies (UNESCO)

- Education Sector Development Study (ADB)
- Third Elementary Education Project (WB-JBIC)
- Secondary Education Development Project (WB-JBIC)
- Technical and Vocational Education Project (ADB)
- Environmental Education Project (ADB)
- Impact Evaluation and Summative Assessment of the Philippine Non-formal Education Project (ADB)
- Evaluation of ODA in Education for the Republic of the Philippines (Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
- Management Development Program for Higher Education (Fund Assistance for Private Education & Commission for Higher Education, Philippines)
- Institutional Strengthening of the Commission on Higher Education (ADB)
- Training of Trainers for the Implementation of the New Pre-Service Teacher Training Curriculum in the Philippines (AusAid and Queensland University of Technology)
- Diagnosis of Organizational Culture of Barangays for the Help for Catubig Agricultural Assistance Project (JBIC)
- Survey and Development of Barangay Health Units (Department of Health of Philippines and JICA)
- Rural Electrification Project ?Technical Assistance for Training (National Electrification Administration, Philippines)
- Coconut Small Farmer Development Project (WB-PHILCOA)
- Evaluation of Small Studies Fund Project (USAID)
- End-of-Project Evaluation of Regional Enterprise Development Project, Phase I (USAID)
- Secondary Education Development and Improvement Project (ADB-JBIC)
- Technical Assistance to Support the Implementation of the Microfinance Development Program (ADB)
- Credit Improvement Project (USAID)
- Developing Financial Cooperative Project (ADB)

- Study of University and Industry Linkage Program (JBIC)
- PPTA Skills Development Project (ADB)

- Technical Assistance Project Development of Public Sector Management and Governance Skills (ADB)
- Capacity Building Program for East Timor AusAID)

- Study of the Education Sector of the Social Republic of Vietnam (JBIC)
- Study of University and Industry Linkage Program (JBIC)
- Dong Hoi Public Administration Reform Pilot Project (SDC)
- Secondary Education Development Project (ADB)
- Education for Disadvantage Children (IDA, World Bank)
- Primary Teacher Development Project (World Bank)
- Teacher Training Project (ADB)
- Upper Secondary Education Development Project (ADB)
- Preparation of Primary Teacher Training Project: Component: Distance Education Primary Teacher Training Project (World Bank)
- Early Childhood Development for the Poor (ADB)
- Skills Enhance Project (ADB)
- Higher Education Sector Development Project (DANIDA)

South Asia






Sri Lanka

- Secondary Education Development Project (ADB)

- Basic Skills Development Project (ADB)
- Fact-finding Mission on Technical Education Planning and Management (ADB)

- Post-secondary Education Management Development Technical Assistance (ADB)
- Employment Skills Improvement Project
- Post Secondary Educational Development Project (ADB)

- Secondary Education Support Project (ADB)
- Capacity Building Program for Mathematics Educators of Nepal (ADB-DANIDA)

- Girls Primary Education Development Project (ADB)
- Middle Schooling Project (ADB)
- TVET Policy Analysis and Strategy Development (ADB)
- Second Technical Education Project (ADB)
- Technical Teachers Training and Polytechnic Project (ADB)
- Primary School Quality Improvement Project (ADB)

- Secondary Education Modernization Project II: Package 2: Curriculum Support and Development (ADB)
- Technical Education Development Project. (ABD)
- Education for Knowledge Society Project (ADB)
- Improving Higher Education Project (WB)

Central Asia





- Seminar on International Approaches to Technical-Vocational Education and Training Development

- Second Education Project (ADB)

- Education Sector Reform Project (ADB)
- Preparing Education Sector Reform Project (ADB)

- Second Textbook Development Project (ADB)

Pacific Region

Papua New Guinea


Solomon Islands


- Technical Education Project (ADB)
- National Testing and Certification System Project Design (AIDAB, AusAID)
- Papue New Guinea Sustainable Development Program (AusAID)

- Second Education Sector Programme (ADB)
- ESPII: SchoolNet and Community Access Project (ADB)

- Promotion and Development of Small and Medium Scale Industries and Vocational Skills Training Programs

- TVET Strengthening Program (AusAID)