Project Lists

Here are the partial list of projects completed by DSIC and Project Involvement of DSIC Listed Consultants contracted by other firms:



Southeast Asia Region
Lao PRD:


East Asia Region

South Asia Region
Sri Lanka:

Pacific Region
North Pacific: Micronesia,
Marshall Islands
and Palau

African Continent
West Africa:
(Sierra Leone,
Burkina-Faso, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau)

?GRANT H0840 ?LA ?Impact Evaluation of Community Based Intervention Project, Education Development Project (World Bank).
  - Completed.

?An Evaluation of the Research Project on Adequacy, Content, Structure and Duration of Philippine Kindergarten, Formal Primary and    Secondary Education: Towards Defining Content of the Additional Two Years in Basic Education. - Completed.

?TA 7571: MON: Reforming Higher Education for a Knowledge Society Project (ADB) - Completed.
?TA 7333: MON: Strengthening Higher and Vocational Education Project (ADB) - Completed.

?Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS) First Aid Programme Mid-term Review (Canadian Red Cross)
?TA8098: SRI: Education Sector Development Project (Individual: Secondary Education Management Specialist/Team Leader and   Curriculum and Assessment Specialist) (ADB) - Completed.
?TA-6337 REG: Development Partnership Program for South Asia: Innovative Strategies for Accelerated Human Resource Development    in South Asia - Student Assessment and Examination (Sri Lanka) (ADB) ? Completed.

?TA-8066 REG: Quality Primary Education in the North Pacific (ADB) ?On-going.

?Baseline Study of Plan Ireland Education: Quality, Inclusive and Participation Programme (Plan) ? Completed.